Sunday, February 13, 2011

Road-Trip!™ Day Five: Albuquerque, NM - Phoenix, AZ

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We stayed on Central time rather than Mountain time, and went to bed early. Actually, it was more like Eastern time.

This enabled us to get up bright and early and head west with the first morning light and then the rising sun at our backs. The magnificent buttes of New Mexico gave way to Arizona, but the wonderful I-40 speed of 75 mph was maintained in Arizona -- way to go, Arizona!

Got to The Turquoise Room in Winslow just in time for second breakfast. The breakfast meal was indescribably delicious -- perfection. I had the Arizona Green Chile Eggs and my wife had the Corn Maiden. I wrote on the Comment card, "it was worth the 4-hour drive from Albuquerque for breakfast".  And it was!

From Winslow over to Flagstaff, and from there good-bye to our two days on I-40 and the I-17 drive south into Phoenix.

It was -4 C. when we left Albuquerque and +28 when we arrived in Phoenix.

Phoenix - we have arrived.

We've got two new dogs; they love it here!

I'll do a trip summary in a day or so and try to post some pics.
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