Friday, February 11, 2011

Road-Trip!™ Day Three: St. Louis - Oklahoma City

Santa Rosa, New Mexico Image by Ravencrest Travel via Flickr
Missouri was cold and the freshly-fallen snow blanketed the fields deep and crisp and even. The snow continued on well into northern Oklahoma.

Worst early-morning moment: "If you're going out to the car, could you bring me in one of my shirts?".  "What shirts? I haven't seen any of your shirts in the car".


Oklahoma turned out to be the weather-hinge-state on this trip. When we stopped at the Welcome Center in northern Oklahoma I was still fully bundled for the cold. The next stop, I pumped gas without the coat. The stop after that one I ditched the hat. It was zero degrees C. when we entered the state, and 12 by the time we got to Oklahoma City.

75 mph is a great highway speed -- way to go, Oklahoma!

Worst sight on road: the Missouri driver in the van beside me, who had his lower plate (of teeth) out in his left hand.

We're staying at the Comfort Suites. The ground-floor pipes had frozen and the fire department was onsite figuring what to do about it.

Tomorrow: Oklahoma City - Santa Rosa, New Mexico

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