Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beaten to a Pulp or Nurtured Back to Health?

Over at SDA (smalldeadanimals), Kate has linked to an article about a man who attempted to knock down a power line and ended up getting damaged in the process.

Having just returned from Africa, this made me think of how this man was treated versus how he might be treated in other cultures. I am told that in Africa if someone is caught stealing he is quite likely to receive a beating from the village before being handed over to the police who will likely administer another thrashing. For a murderer who escapes justice from the law, he faces justice from the tribe, which can be just as fatal.

In other cultures, a man like this would likely have been beaten to a pulp or left to die. In our Christianized culture he will be nurtured and restored to health in spite of his anti-social act. Even though Canada has turned away from God, and America shows a similar secularizing bent, we both are still fairly drenched in the elevating effects of the Christian faith.

Even the secularized liberal left owes a great debt to the Christianity it so openly despises.

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Have a blessed day.

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