Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Province seizes 9,780 cans of pop"

In this crazy, mixed-up world, it's nice to see that Prince Edward Island remains an oasis of sanity.

I'm beginning my re-entry process back to Canada from Africa. I thought I better check the Charlottetown Guardian for news of the Fair Isle.

The headline -- "Province seizes 9,780 cans of pop" -- reassured me that all is well.

The law is being enforced.

Undercover police (I kid you not!) investigated and caught the perp red-handed, er, blue-handed, er, whatever.

We can tolerate a lot of behaviours on PEI, but we draw the line at drinking pop in cans.

That's a bridge too far, even for easy-going Islanders.

And that's the way the confiscated Can bounces.

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