Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Remember That Pizza Well!

I'm going through my receipts as part of my annual Income Tax ritual. Right now, I'm working through the receipts for last year's missions trip to Zambia.

When I get done with these, I'll plow into this year's trip.

I'm holding in my hand a receipt for an Ask Pizza & Pasta, 74 Southampton Row, London.

I don't recall the exact pizza I ordered, but I do remember the circumstances. I had just fought hard to get into London with my luggage. I was checked into my hotel. And I was treating myself to an evening meal. (Who can tell if I was "due" to eat or not -- with jet-lag it's hard to figure.)

I waited at the restaurant while they made my 5.25 GBP pizza, and then took it back to my hotel room.

Where I enjoyed it immensely!

It's funny how receipts can trigger memories.

And that's the way the pepperoni Ball bounces.

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