Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Death of God - Musings on the Saturday of the Church Expectant

Yesterday represented the complete and utter triumph of man against God.

The messenger of God, along with his thorny message, is dead.

Today we bask in our triumph. God sent His Son and we killed Him!

Jesus words won't torment us any more!

We will soon forget him. Sure, he healed a lot of people, but we didn't kill him for that. We killed him because he, by his words and actions, condemned us. If we had allowed him to continue, he would have de-throned us. Wounded our pride and self-esteem. Threatened our sovereignty and independence.

But we took things into our own hands and put nails in his. And our nails were stronger than his fleshy hands!

We proved that man, in unity with a rebellious cosmos, is more powerful than God!

In time, this man Jesus will fade into a distant memory.

A hundred years from now, no-one will even remember he existed.

And we can go back to doing the things we love to do.

With God out of the way, nothing can stop us now....

Why do I hear the sound of a ticking clock in my ears?

And what is that sound of a distant rumble?

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