Monday, March 10, 2008

It's The "She" Part That Bothers Me

I'm reading about the Canadian accused of pederasty in Thailand. His current sexual partner is a Thai transvestite. So far, so good. What could be more natural in this age of all-encompassing sexual equality than for a pederast (don't forget, he didn't "choose" his sexual orientation) to hook-up with a transvestite? Transvestites, after all, are the new gays. We know this because liberal church leaders are getting "with it" and adding "transgendered" to their list of sexual equalities to be righteously promoted by the Church.

What bothers me is when the Reuters reporter refers to the Thai transvestite boyfriend as "she".

He is not she.

It is common for liberal, with-it persons to cater to males who would rather be thought of as females by referring to them as "she". But I think this is an offense to women. He is not a she. A male is never a woman, even if he submits to genital mutilation and reconstruction. He remains a neutered male.

Words matter. Reality matters. Male and Female. Created He Them. In His Image. For His Glory.

The devil likes nothing better than to mar the image of God in a human being.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

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