Sunday, September 06, 2009

Libs Release First Ads on YouTube

"Keep in mind this is like being in a restaurant where we are serving the first of several courses as part of a long meal. The main course has yet to be served.” — Luc Mérineau, producer of the French ads.

To which I say, "check, please!".

For a look at the kind of gastronomical items we may expect the Liberal's to dish up, go here.


Toby said...

I can only handle eating so much crap. I'm ready to vomit.

johndoe124 said...

Well, if the remaining courses are anything like the first we're in for a lot of empty calories. I think I'll stick with my usual restaurant where I'm more likely to get what I want rather than being told what I want.

bertie said...

We just don't want any more of this Liberal better.We are already better without it.After 13 years of the Chretien Martin Liberal better,we cant,take any more better,we want best for a change and that's what we have.Under the PM Harper Conservatives we have the BEST,why would we go back to better.

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