Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More on the Obama/Chicago Bid for the 2016 Olympics

The U.S. President has gone on record stating that all nations are equal participants in the world and the U.S. will never again attempt to dominate other nations.

Let's see how this plays out with Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and Chicago competing for Friday's nod by the International Olympic Committee.

Tokyo/Japan already hosted the games in 1964. So did Barcelona/Spain, in 1992. The US, meanwhile, has already hosted the games four times -- first in 1904 (St. Louis), then again in 1932 (Los Angeles), then again again in 1984 (Los Angeles), and then again again again in 1996 (Atlanta). The aggregate countries of South America, on the other hand, have never hosted the Olympics. Ever.

With this in mind, Ball Bounces can only conclude that the Statesman-to-the-World is going to Copenhagen to plead with the IOC to give Rio de Janeiro/Brazil the nod. Barring that, Obama will be pleading that the IOC reject Chicago's presumptuous bid, given the US's imperialistic history of dominating this amateur sports event and having already hosted the games twice in the past 25 years.

And that's the way the on-the-Road-To-Rio Ball bounces.

Summer Olympic Games Sites

1896 - Athens, Greece
1900 - Paris, France
1904 - St. Louis, United States
1908 - London, United Kingdom
1912 - Stockholm, Sweden
1920 - Antwerp, Belgium*
1924 - Paris, France
1928 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
1932 - Los Angeles, United States
1936 - Berlin, Germany
1948 - London, United Kingdom*
1952 - Helsinki, Finland
1956 - Melbourne, Australia
1960 - Rome, Italy
1964 - Tokyo, Japan
1968 - Mexico City, Mexico
1972 - Munich, West Germany (now Germany)
1976 - Montreal, Canada
1980 - Moscow, U.S.S.R. (now Russia)
1984 - Los Angeles, United States
1988 - Seoul, South Korea
1992 - Barcelona, Spain
1996 - Atlanta, United States
2000 - Sydney, Australia
2004 - Athens, Greece
2008 - Beijing, China
2012 - London, United Kingdom

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