Sunday, September 13, 2009

Which American Politician Does This Canadian Remind You Of?

This from the National Post:

"Transport Minister John Baird accused Mr. Ignatieff of "trying to rewrite history" because the Liberal leader had signed the coalition agreement when he was deputy to Mr. Dion and had said Canadians could be confident in the coalition.

"Senator David Smith, a Liberal campaign co-chair, dismissed the allegation, saying Mr. Ignatieff signed the coalition [December 2008], as did all other Liberal MPs because he is "a team player" but has frequently made clear he would not go down that path.

"A spokesman for Mr. Ignatieff provided a February 2009 quote in which the Liberal leader said he turned down the chance to lead the coalition "because I felt that it would divide the country."

In other words, "I was for the Coalition before I was against it".

Remind you of anyone?

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