Thursday, September 10, 2009

What If Someone Called An Election And No-One Showed Up?

My advice to the PM;

Dear PM,

1. Hustling for a majority won't work. Instead, focus on continued good-governing, and a humble position that Canadian voters will decide who they want to lead them. Voters may respond to this humility and grant a majority.

2. Stoking Coalition fears won't work. The Coalition is so yesterday. This is not something that concerns most Canadians. We have short memories. We're more concerned about the economy and jobs.

3. 78% of Canadians don't think an election is called for. Build your election strategy around this. Make your election campaign as low key as possible. Spend as little time and money on it as you can get away with. The message should be: the Liberals can campaign all they want on this unnecessary election; we're busy governing the country and this election is a distraction and to Canadians who are trying to get on with re-building a recession-damaged economy.

The less attention you focus on the Liberal-forced election, the more irrelevant and foolish they will appear.

And that's the way the two-cents-worth Ball bounces.


Alberta Girl said...

Why do Conservative have to be'humble'. The almighty Liberals are anything but - their arrogance knows no bounds.

After three years of governing this Prime Minister has the right to tell Canadians it is time for a majority.

If you continually say 'please vote for us - minority is fine' then you get the continual bleeping from the opposition that
"Canadians don't trust the Tories with a majority"

Bull Sh*t!!!

Dodoforever said...

We must aim for a majority, that's that.
When doing battle, one cannot go with wooden sticks if your opponents are carrying rifles and guns.
An election call is like a call to the battlefield. Do and act in tune with the opponents.
No half measures.

Mac said...
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Mac said...

Harper was talking to the party faithful. His remarks were meant to be inspiring and they were... His words inspired fear in the hearts of the liberals and hope in the hearts of the Conservatives...

Sorry to delete the previous comment. I forgot to check the 'follow up comment' box so I redid it...

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"