Monday, March 19, 2007

Day Five: Qdoba Mexican Grill

We ate today at Qdoba Mexican Grill while we had Robbie in getting a bath and haircut. It's dusty around here! First, Robbie's paws went gray, then it started moving up his legs; today he was beginning to look gray all over! There was a special on, and so he got a bath, a haircut, skin conditioner for dry skin, and, he got his teeth brushed! It sounded like such a great deal I was thinking of asking for it myself!

I thought Qdoba was going to be a full-menu Mexican restaurant, but it was more like a fresh burrito place. It actually reminded me of Baja Fresh; you come in, line up to your left, place your order, watch the burrito being made, and then pay.

The food was fresh-delicious, and the burrito was more than I could finish. I'm not a big fan of rice, so I got a mixture of pinto beans and black beans in my burrito.

I checked Qdoba out when we got "home" and was astonished to see how many states it is in (including 25 in Wisconsin!); I've never heard of it before today.

You can check it out at


CanuckinMI said...

If you're in Phoenix the best place I've tried there yet is called the rustler's rooste. Its got a great atmosphere, a nice view and the food is very good if you like steaks.

Just a heads up to a fellow conservative type fellow.


CanuckinMI said...

RkBall said...

Thanks for the advice.

I'm adding it to my list.

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