Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Return Journey Day Two: A Left Turn At Albuquerque

Breakfast: Turquoise Room, La Posada, Winslow AZ

We went and did our "standin' on the corner" thing; I bought some souvenirs -- T-shirt, mug, key-chain.

Lunch: El Rancho Hotel, Gallup, NM.

The El Rancho, like the Posada, is a US National Landmark; it is an historic hotel where a host of movie stars stayed while filming westerns.

Dinner: Target, Albuquerque NM. A hot dog and some chili. They were out of the all-beef, so I had the regular "all-meat" hot dog. Tasted like it had a lot of chicken and/or turkey in it, but who knows? It was mystery-meat. The chili reminded me of Wendy's, but not as good.

We bought a terrific portable cooler at Target. Thule brand. It has a side-area where you can put two bottles of water or pop, and an insulated area that keeps things cool or warm. Great quality, rugged zippers and all that. The best part? It sells for $20, but was on clearance for $5!

So we bought two!

We're staying at a Holiday Inn Express in east Albuquerque. It's "OK". Might be an older property that was re-vamped into an HI Ex.

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