Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Return Journey Day Seven: Joliet, Illinois

I always thought that Illinois was a northern state because north of Chicago is one of the great lakes (Michigan), and above the great lake is Canada. But, looking at a map today, I see that it is not. There's lots north of Chicago. Even South Dakota is north of Chicago!

Breakfast: Country Kitchen -- pecan pancakes.

Lunch: Bob Evan's -- biscuits and gravy.

Dinner: White Castle -- 2 slyders and some clam strips.

White Castle shows all the signs of being a very early fast food chain. Its tiny burgers (called slyders) are simultaneously awful and irresistible! I saw them being made once, in St. Louis. They make a tray at once. They start with a bottom bun, add a sliver of meat patty (pre-cooked?), some onion bits, a top bun, and put it all in the oven. It comes out moist bordering on soggy, so I think there must be some water involved there somewhere.

We got to Joliet Illinois (south of Chicago), and stayed at a Comfort Inn.

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