Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Return Journey Day Eight: Flint, Michigan

Breakfast: Bob Evans, Joliet IL -- biscuits and gravy and an egg.

* I gave some serious thought to going into Chicago and trying to attend the Conrad Black trial, but decided to keep heading home on I-80.

* We stopped at an Indiana tourist information center on I-94 and learned something new. Turns out that not all Indiana is on eastern time. We were still on central time. Even more bizarre, the pleasant lady on duty said that her husband has a job in one time zone, and her job is in another! They each have their own clocks around the house. Can you imagine that? She said that some kids wake up in one time zone, and go to school in another. Now that's weird. Scratch Indiana off the list of potential places to move to!

* We made an unproductive side-trip to PorterCase Inc. in South Bend Indiana to visit the factory and see about buying a new Porter Case. (Porter Cases are an ingenious form of luggage that converts into a trolley for carrying other pieces of luggage ( Turns out they now make the PorterCase offshore, and the head office is in an economically challenged part of South Bend.

Lunch: bananas in the car (making up for lost time!).

Dinner: Cracker Barrel Flint MI -- roast beef, turkey. Both good.

We settled in tonight at the Baymont Inn in Flint, MI. The interesting thing about this neck of the woods is the preponderance of Big Three cars on the road, including a lot of older models still chugging along. Obviously, this is GM, Ford, and Chrysler country.

I just hope our little Toyota survives the night unscathed!


frappeur said...


itsboopchile said...

I see you are headed home. Smart!!
The weather certainly has been terrible all over the midwest. We will probably get some yet.
Have a safe journey.

Betty G

RkBall said...

Pecan pancakes with caramel sauce!

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