Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Return Journey Day Six: Cuba, Missouri

We headed north on I-44 from Tulsa towards Joplin and points beyond. Somehow I got off of I-44 and onto the Cherokee Parkway. I didn't notice until the divided highway stopped!

In cases like this, I usually just keep going. So, we ended up having a leisurely and pleasant drive through the Oklahoma countryside. We saw baby goats, goats, cattle, calves, donkeys, horses, and some birds we think were partridges. (No, they were not in a pear tree). We went through some towns that looked like sets for old westerns -- the kind where the storefronts all blend together along a single main street.

We eventually made it back to I-44.

Lunch: Lamperts: Home of the throwed rolls! It's hard not to be happy when you're having a hot roll thrown at you! We had roast beef and pork steak. There's more food offered to you than you could ever eat. All for around ten dollars a person.

We pushed on past Lebanon and Rolla MO and finally landed in Cuba (or, if you are a Kennedy, "Cuber"). We touched down at a Best Western, coupon in hand. The motel is currently in the midst of a renovation; it'll be better when it's done.

Dinner: Country Kitchen. We've never been to a CK before; it was great. We shared a turkey club sandwich. Nice, clean spot with good food.

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