Saturday, March 17, 2007

There's not much boom in the Boomtube!

The Marriott Camelback has internet access, but not wireless, so you have to connect via an Ethernet cord. Not much fun sitting inside, when you could be outside enjoying the morning air.

I thought of buying a 25' ethernet cord so I could take my laptop outside to the patio, but instead went to CompUSA and ended up buying a compact wireless router (the Linksys Wireless-G Travel Router - WTR54GS). It is incredibly compact; the unit is about the size of a thick pack of cigarettes and plugs directly into the wall outlet; you run an ethernet cable from your internet source into the router, and that's it.

CompUSA had it stickered at $60.00, but their computer had it closer to $100. The clerk said it was a liquidators' error, and that he could not give it to me for the stickered price; when I complained (mildly), he said I could speak to the manager. I did. The manager let me have it for the stickered price -- which is the right thing to do. The clerk mumbled something to the effect that the manager who had just gone off duty would not have let me have it at that price.

I was glad I got it at the price I did; I didn't want to spend any more than that.

Hook-up was instantaneous. The installation DVD does not work on a Mac, and there were no other instructions, so I was flying solo. Fortunately, I plugged it in, connected it, and, lights, camera, action -- I was connected! Macs are wonderful machines.

Now we can sit outside with our laptops and read the online morning paper (and your responses to my blog)!

* * *

The other thing I did today was buy a portable speaker unit for my iPod and laptop. I chose a cylindrical unit called a Boomtube H201. It was on sale at CompUSA for $80. I did some research online and found it selling elsewhere for roughly twice as much, so I got a bit of a liquidation deal on this one.

It's made of sturdy aluminum and the left and right speakers detach for use, but screw on to each end of the cylinder for travel; it should be very rugged, suitable for Africa even. The cylinder part is supposed to function as a subwoofer, but it is a very mild bass; there's not much "boom" in the boomtube!

Now when we want to watch a DVD on our laptop, we'll be able to get a fuller sound than the tinny built-in speakers the iBook offers. And, because the left and right speakers detach, we'll be able to put them five or six feet apart for great stereo separation.

All in all, a very good day in every way!

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

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You are giving us quite an education!!!

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