Monday, March 26, 2007

The Return Journey Day Four: Oklahoma City

We left the Hampton Inn in Amarillo and hit the road. We came across a Cherokee Trading Post at exit 71 in Oklahoma and stopped there for lunch. We shared a buffalo steak and I had some Indian fry bread. The buffalo steak was good, but I always go away from a buffalo meal feeling a bit let down. Yes, it's exotic, but beef just tastes better! (Speaking of beef, there was quite an odour in Amarillo the morning we left; I'll say no more!). In the Cherokee gift shop, I found a felt, crushable cowboy hat that fit me, so I bought it!

We decided to stop at Oklahoma City, and had planned to stay at a La Quinta Inn we had spotted en route to Phoenix. When we got to the exit, it was closed. Can you believe it?! So, we went past it, and then back-tracked.

The La Quinta was OK, but not as nice as we had hoped. Our dog Robbie found a used cheeseburger under the bed; he was very pleased about this unexpected amenity.

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