Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Phoenix Day Seven: Bill Marriott and El Torito

We had a Bill Marriott [owner of Marriott] sighting today. I saw him in the concierge lounge, coincidentally beneath his portrait. He looks about ten years older than the portrait. Not a big man by any stretch.

I thought it likely he was in town to check out the renovation plans for the Camelback, but was told by a staff member that in fact he was vacationing here.

Good for him!

* * *

El Torito: We visited Old Scottsdale today. I expected to find a Mexican cantina, but didn't, so we drove back up Scottsdale Road and ate at an El Torito.

I'm glad we did.

The steak fajitas we shared were simply delicious.

Camelback: We had a couple of delicious appetizers tonight. A cheese quesadilla(*) and a beef skewer cheese fondue concoction.

* que·sa·dil·la - a tortilla folded over a filling of shredded cheese, onions, and chilies and broiled or fried.

Both were delicious! We topped off the meal with some kind of pina colada cake with pineapple chucks.

Tomorrow we head out for Winslow, Arizona, and La Posada.

And that's the way the Ball bounces

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