Thursday, June 03, 2010

Beware of Leftists Bearing Rhetoric

If there is one theme that has been emerging lately it is that the left’s connection to reality is rather tenuous. Call this The Rhetoric vs. The Reality.

The rhetoric of Liberal Hedy Fry's “I’ll debate anyone” vs. the reality that this woman has no intention of debating anyone.

The rhetoric of global warming vs. the reality of falsified data, politicized science, obfuscation, Big Environment, and weather patterns that, er, refuse to cooperate with climate prognostications.

The rhetoric of BP – Beyond Petroleum “we’re the greenest of green”, and, ‘it’s just a minor spill” (in the early days) vs. the reality.

The rhetoric of the State of Washington opposing Arizona’s law vs. the reality of high illegal immigrant crime in Washington State.

The rhetoric of Obama uniting the world, controlling the atmosphere and causing the oceans to recede vs. the current, ahem, tiny, localized problem with the ocean in and around the Gulf of Mexico.

The rhetoric of altruistic socialism vs. the reality of socialism’s inherent selfishness and de-moralizing effects on the human soul and psyche.

The rhetoric of principled abortion rights and reproductive choice vs. the reality of unwanted unborn humans chewed up like twigs under a lawn mower.

The rhetoric of gentle, dignified Islam hijacked by anomalous extremists vs. the reality of Islam an inherently violence-oriented religion from the get-go.

The rhetoric of gay equality vs. the reality that same-sex union at its "best" is morally, medically, socially, and psychologically unequal to the best union of a man and a woman resulting in children growing up to know the love of their father and their mother and having the deepest longings of their dear hearts fulfilled.

The rhetoric of multicultural equivalence and equality vs. the reality that cultures are not equally moral, just, functional, viable, or successful. (Just why does Mexico continue to be such a disfunctional failed-state that Mexican citizens believe they have the right — the right — to illegally emigrate into the US?)

The lesson?

Beware of leftists bearing rhetoric. Leftist rhetoric consists of how they would wish the world to be. It is delusional. The facts on the ground are conservative. And, within those facts, there is plenty of room to act with love, compassion, and mercy -- as we are called by God to do.

But compassion and delusion are mutually exclusive categories.

And that's the way the conservative Ball bounces.

Update1. For an example of past delusional thinking, visit Steyn.

Update2. For another example of leftist wishful thinking, try this.

Update3. More delusional thinking here.

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