Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Made-In-Canada Solution To The Gulf Spill

A made-in-Canada solution to the BP oil spill: two words, music to a Canadian's ears: Duct Tape.

That's it, duct tape. Miles and miles of industrial-grade, Canadian-made, duct tape.

The Process:

1. Wrap tape around and around and around the pipe.

2. Start criss-crossing back and forth across the opening while repeating the wrap-around step 1.

3. Continue until pipe is duct-taped and leak is contained.

Duct Tape. Canada's contribution to the world.

And that's the way the Canadian-made Ball of duct tape bounces.

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Anonymous said...

Duct Tape. Canada's contribution to the world.

Wasn't it developed by Johnson & Johnson in the US during WWII?

RkBall said...

LCTC - Welcome back! Since this is your first post in a while, I'm assuming you agree with my last 93 posts -- excellent!

The US may have developed it, but it took Canadians to realize what was wrought.

Kind of like Cheezies - born in Chicago, raised in Canada.

What is more Canadian than eating Cheesies from a container made from duct tape -- I ask you!

RkBall said...

Make that Cheezies. Orange you glad I caught the typo?

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