Friday, June 25, 2010

This Is What Public-Sector Unions and Socialism Gets You

Democratically-elected governments cannot resist caving to public sector union demands for big wages, bigger benefits, and even bigger pension entitlements. After all, it's not their money, it's not even their company's money, it's "the peoples" money -- and governments can simply tax, re-tax, and re-re-tax them without providing corresponding goods and services as in the private sector. So why not over-pay public sector employees and avoid messy show-downs?

Plus, left-wing governmentalists are soft-hearted and soft-headed when it comes to paying people more than they deserve. It's part of the mind of the delusional left -- viewing reality as they wish it were instead of how it really is.

So, how has it worked out for Greece?

"Greece starts putting island land up for sale to save economy"

"Selling off our future to pay for public sector union entitlements -- one tiny island at a time"™

That's how reality works out.

Great for this generation -- they're entitled to their entitlements, and paying for them is not their problem. But not so great for the generations to come. Conservatism has the opposite vision -- of living within our means, building for the future, and reality-based economics.

And that's the way the conservative Ball bounces.


Patrick Ross said...

The excesses of left-wing economics are no more and no less a threat to democracy than the excesses of right-wing economics.

The mortgage crisis in the United States was effectively a perfect storm of both.

RkBall said...

It was, indeed.

However, the broad societal trend in western democracies is leftist/socialist.

Singapore, a notable exception, is prospering and accumulating wealth, while leftist nations have spent their todays and are now spending their tomorows.

Patrick Ross said...

As conservatives, I think we need to remember two things:

The free market is all and good -- excessive government interference is bad.

But -- regulation is a matter of law and order, which is every bit as important to conservatism as the free market.

RkBall said...

My thoughts exactly.

Keep this up and you'll be writing for the Ball Bounces!

Patrick Ross said...

Sorry, bro. I got my hands full with the Nexus.

But if you shoot me an email, we can talk about some collaboration.

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