Tuesday, June 01, 2010

BP PLC: I'm Down

BP shares are being hammered, and rightly so.


They are still trading higher than during the market melt-down of 2008-9. Just shows you how pessimistic the markets were back then.

BP has dug itself into a big, deep, hole. Still, somebody's still buying BP.

Too bad they can't use all those obnoxious "we're the Green energy company"; "we've moved 'way, 'way beyond petroleum", "we're so environmentally responsible it hurts" print ads to plug the leak.

And that's the way the oil Ball bounces.


Alex said...

Ever noticed how similar the BP logo and the green party logo are? Folks are betting BP is undervalued because of the spill so they are looking to make big gains when its over.

RkBall said...

BP is greener than green. Even its oil gushes green.

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