Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why I Am Not A Multiculturalist: Eve Teasing

Multiculturalism: Canada's state-sponsored activity of importing foreign cultures and encouraging them to exist alongside of (or to supplant) the native culture. The anti-melting-pot; designed to secure ethnic loyalty votes and supplant the Christian cultural legacy.

Another reason why I am not a multiculturalist and why I believe evangelical Christianity has the best possible leavening effects on a society.

Eve Teasing in Bangladesh.

Eve Teasing in Pakistan -- bonus Muslim term "freewill couples".

And that's the way the Ball bounces.


ethekyaa21 said...

I suppose the rampant objectification of women, wide availability of pornography, and the resulting increase in the sexual harassment of women is a result of them Bangladeshis coming over here and not our own fault.

RkBall said...

A very good point! Arguably, the rise in widely available pornography is due to the decline in Christian public influence and the reduction in practicing Christians in our society.

Christians oppose pornography.

The sexual harassment of women you mention here cannot compare with the blatant criminal harassment taking place in Bangladesh.

And, I am not against Bangladeshis coming over here, not by any means; what I am against is the foolish notion of multiculturalism.

Thanks for the comment.

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