Friday, June 25, 2010

Those Lyin' Republicans

I now know, thanks to finally getting around to watching The West Wing set I bought at COSTCO two years ago, that Democrats are idealistic, honorable truth-tellers, while all Republicans are dirty-rotten liars.

Now, meet Peggy West. She's a Democrat, and she rocks my world. She's a Democrat, and she says that Arizona doesn't have an illegals problem worth worrying about, because, unlike Texas, Arizona has no border (or, at least, no border worth talking about) with Mexico.
Well does it or doesn't it? Arizona's state Governor, Jan Brewer, says it does.

But, and this is a Ball Bounces exclusive, I've Googled it and Jan Brewer is a Republican -- which means she a dirty-rotten liar.

Come clean, Jan Brewer. Are you or are you not a Republican? And, if you are, will you admit that you are a dirty-rotten liar and you made up the whole border-with-Mexico thing. And, when I stood in Nogales Arizona, and walked unmolested into Nogales Mexico, JUST WHAT KIND OF A SCAM WERE YOU PULLING OFF, JAN BREWER (if that's your real name)!!!!!

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