Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Russia furious over Cold War-style spy arrests

It wasn't that long ago that a giddy-as-a-school-girl Hillary was happily hitting the Reset Button with Moscow.  All wash-our-hands-of-George-Bushiness.

Now, The Obamadmin™ is arresting Russians for being spys?!

My summer theme is that leftists are delusional, that they think of things the way they wish they were, rather than the way they actually are.  So far, my thesis is holding up quite nicely.  I might need a separate blog just for Leftists Are Delusional™.

Reset buttons vs. spies on the ground?

As the Honorable Margaret said, "the facts of life are conservative".

(Unless, unless... this is all just a George Bush plot to make Obama look bad??!!)

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