Friday, June 25, 2010

U.K. Doctors: Fetus Can't Feel Pain Before 24 Weeks

File this under politically-motivated, state-sponsored science propaganda.

I've got a question for the doctors who confidently assert that the 24-week fetus is at the Sgt. Shultz stage of human development ("I feel nothing, NOTHING!").

If it were possible, would you be willing to go back to being a 24-week-old fetus and submit to an abortion procedure to test out your hypothesis?

Because, even if you're right and you don't feel a thing, the procedure will, you know, kill you and remove all potential for you to enjoy your life on this planet.


Frances said...

It's not that long ago that doctors confidently asserted that newborns couldn't feel pain. Procedures were routinely performed without anaesthetic.

RkBall said...

Good point.

Dollops said...

Studying and debating the pain experienced by the human victim of abortion is simply morbid. The horror of _choosing_ to kill a baby can't be made better or worse by tweaking the procedure. The fertilised egg is a genetically complete and distinct human being; quibblings over trimesters and pain level are, I repeat, morbid.

Paul MacPhail said...

Dollops, I sort of agree with you. I think that until the body is capable of supporting life (a soul if you want to call it that) the product of the fertilized egg is no more a human being than an egg that you would have for breakfast is a chicken. However, the human body is an amazing machine, a structure that is alive with cellular life, regardless of whether anybody's inhabiting it or not. A failed abortion would result in cellular memory of the event that would remain for the duration of that person's life. In any event, I believe that abortion is a poor solution to a more serious problem in the majority of times that it is used.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"