Monday, August 09, 2010

Announcing The Library of Historical Apologetics

"Rediscovering Forgotten Defenders of the Faith"
... our mission is to be the world’s leading resource for lay apologists, pastors, students, and scholars seeking historical apologetics materials for self-study, church classes, sermon preparation, and research. Our digital collection currently contains references to about 3,000 items with a focus on works in English from the 17th through the early 20th centuries.
... our long-term vision is to create a digital learning environment that incorporates personal and collaborative reading, note taking, and study tools. We want to support a community in which more experienced scholars help newcomers find the material they need and construct secondary resources such as curricula, study guides, and course syllabi that can be shared by all users.
...  directed by Dr. Timothy McGrew, who is Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University, where he has taught since 1995, serving as department chairman from 2005-2009. The Institute for Digital Christian Heritage [IDCH] is providing technical and administrative assistance in the form of project planning, implementation and evaluation.
Great news for students of apologetics in both the developing and developed worlds. This project is in good hands with Dr. Timothy McGrew at the helm. Drop by and check it out.
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Tim said...

Thank you for giving us a plug! If you think of something you'd like to see that fits the parameters of our Library, drop us a line; we'll try to be responsive to user feedback.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"