Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tamil Asylum Seekers Sleep-Overs

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The Canadian government's hands are tied on asylum seekers by leftist court rulings that favor the supplicants at the expense of a sovereign government and its taxpaying citizens.

Canada's National Post explains:
In 1985 the Supreme Court ruled that everyone in Canada is entitled to the protection of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As a result, people who arrive in Canada, regardless of their actual status, must be given a hearing if they claim to be refugees and are entitled to be at liberty in Canada unless they are a danger to the public, are known criminals or are unlikely to attend an immigration hearing.
Unless the “notwithstanding” clause is invoked, the only practical response is to speed up the refugee claim process. Presently the complete processing of a refugee claim takes months, or even years.  
The Ball Bounces offers its solution to the nation, as the nation turns its lonely eyes to me, woo woo woo:

Since the Supreme Court ruled that incoming migrants claiming refugee status have the right to roam freely in Canada (for years as it turns out), the State should be obligated to keep them. More specifically, the Supreme Court justices, along with lower court justices, should be required to keep them in their homes.

This might speed things up a bit, and result in court-sanctioned limits on the number of accepted applicant claims.

And that's the way the problem-solving Ball bounces.
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UU4077 said...

Nice to see you showing compassion for those less fortunate who were born into a troubled part of the planet. Kind of reminds me of the MS St.Louis.

RkBall said...

Does it? I'm suggesting they be very well looked after.

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