Sunday, August 22, 2010

Iran Goes Nuclear

Coat of arms of the Islamic Republic of Iran. ...Image via Wikipedia
Moral equivalencers, multiculturalists, appeasers, one-world idealists and leftists generally will be glad to hear that an Islamic state, Iran, is going nuclear.

After all if the US (which according to Obamavision is "just another nation") is nuclear, why shouldn't Iran be? If the West is nuclear, why not the Islamic world?  We're all the same, right?

Actually, in going nuclear, Iran is almost entirely indebted to western, non-Islamic technology and know-how.

Israel, which can't afford the luxury of western self-delusion, "is not amused".

Keep your eyes on the Middle-East. When you see hostile nations of the world surrounding Israel, God's time-piece, head for the hills. In the meantime, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the security of Israel.
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Springer said...

IMHO, the US should merely send the Iranian government a simple message:

You set off one nuclear weapon outside your borders, we will turn Iran into a pile of ashes within half an hour. Yes, that's a promise you can count on. End of story.

Same for that whacko in N. Korea.

P@J said...

Putting aside the inconsitency of forSpringer, I think as such is implied. One suspects that s the very reason Tehran is looking for a bomb. It would assure them that if some foreign power decides to make them the next Afghanistan or Iraq, there will be costs. You think if Saddam actually had “WMD” and the ability to reliable deliver them, we would be in the current quagmire?

Ball, the “Islamic world” as you term it already has nuclear power plants (in Pakistan), and I don’t hear you yipping about the existing plans to build them in Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, The UAE or Saudi Arabia…Come to think of it the Pakistanis have nuclear freaking weapons! Let us not forget the only country to use Nuclear weapons was Christian.

But back to Iran, one nuclear power plant is a long way from building a deliverable nuclear weapon. Even if they did build one, they are a long way from having a reliable delivery mechanism that would not be easily defeated by the formidable defenses of Iran’s neighbors.
Time to put the panic button down for a bit.

RkBall said...

"You think if Saddam actually had “WMD” and the ability to reliable deliver them, we would be in the current quagmire?"

Good point.

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