Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Who Knows How Much Time Could Have Been Saved"

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"Who knows how much time could have been saved if we'd seen this butterfly structure 10 years ago" -- Peter Vukusic.

A sophisticated method of manipulating light is discovered in Princeps nireus. Once again, nature is ahead of humans on the design curve. This time, it's LED technology.

If an objective third-party visited this universe it would surely conclude that Nature exhibited the superior intelligence and technology. From airplanes to propulsion devices to optics to software to LEDs, man is playing catch-up.

It's interesting that man is discovering technologies in nature at roughly the same time he is inventing parallel technologies -- e.g., software,  LEDS, etc. On a cosmic time-scale, one would say the correspondence in time is identical.

h/t Cornelius Hunter, with lots of comments at his site.
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