Saturday, October 09, 2010

Let's Strike Multiculturalism and Liberal From Our Vocabularies

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The Globe and Mail has finally caught up with conservatives and thinks its time we struck multiculturalism from our vocabulary.

I say sure, and let's strike Liberals -- the guys that brought us multiculturalism in the first place (no mention of that in the article) -- from our vocabulary at the same time.

Liberals -- they build Mirabel, then, when it's time to honor the guy who did it, name Dorval, the actual functional airport, after him.
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Joe said...

When I started to read the editorial I couldn't believe my eyes. Then I got to the part where the writer suggested that we remove the word 'multiculturalism' and replace it with 'pluralism'.

I don't know about anyone else but to me changing a word amounts to having the same poop in a different pile.

RkBall said...

That's the impression I got.

Anonymous said...

The storied history of Dorval airport went down the tubes when they changed the name while the white elephant Mirabel remained Mirabel.

RkBall said...

It'll always be Dorval to me.

RkBall said...

Joe -- "Pluralism" sounds like a form of indigestion.

Anonymous said...

The left are experts at this game we know. Always the shell game. (real conservative)

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