Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When A New 3-Star Hotel Beats A 5-Star Hotel

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I'll be staying at the Moon Hotel in Singapore, a newly-opened 3-star hotel.  You can't beat new. I've stayed in a lot of tired old properties that have had a lot of lipstick and rouge applied to them, but the old electrical outlets sticking out of the walls, and the coats of paint, and the uneven creaky floors etc. give them away.

Here's my beef against 4 and 5 stars: when you get up to four- and five- stars, they start charging you for stuff like wi-fi that is free in the lower stars. I hate that!  Why should I pay $100+ for a place and then another $10-20 for internet when the cheapie places give it to me for free?

The Moon Hotel is new -- did I mention that? It offers free wi-fi, and a continental breakfast in the morning. Plus free coffee throughout the day.  That's hospitable. At a five-star, you pay for everything.

Here's a review from an enthusiastic Google-translated Danish guest: "Design and Servive .. for business travelers! We are particularly great for business travelers - not many hotels that have such fine bathing facilities. The staff is very young and fresh ... they understand to really give a good service. The hotel and the service bærger much influenced by design - that gives "peace" of mind."

It's located in Little India. After work I want to take the MRT to Little India, eat, then be able to simply walk to my hotel and crash for 12 hours.

The rooms are small but -- how small can they be?!

Stay tuned...

Update: The answer: too small for comfort. This room is about the size of two king size beds. The first king size bed area has the bed, and the second has the toilet/shower and hallway/closet/sink. No window! It's more like a small  dorm room.  The bed is on a raised platform. You sit on the platform by the bed and there's a built-in desk -- no chair, you sit on the bed or the raised platform that extends out.

 It's a brand new property -- some pictures on the walls would help make it appear a bit more homey.
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Anonymous said...

Don't know, how small is a hotel room in Singapore anyways? (real conservative)

RkBall said...

The 5-stars (where I usually stay) are as big as anywhere. For the Moon Hotel, see my update to the post, above. It's small!

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