Saturday, October 23, 2010

Miller Time or Mecca Time: Mark Steyn Declared Unmutual

The London Community Centre has cancelled its scheduled hosting of Canada's Mark "Lights Out" Steyn; in a fit of political correctness he has been declared "unmutual" (a reference from The Prisoner) and a security risk. I'm surprised he hasn't been charged with disturbing the peace just for saying he was going to speak.

The news solidified my resolve to drive the two hours from Toronto to London on November 1st to hear him in his new venue at the Centennial Hall.  I hope if you live within a two or three hour drive you will go too. If so, see you there! -- of course, I'll be in drag; I may want to support Steyn, but I'm no fool. Just go up to the 6' 4" gal in the red wig -- it will most likely be me!

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Meanwhile, Canada's Rex Murphy weighs in on the Juan Williams affair. He makes the good point that while the leaders of NPR (Steyn calls them the National Peace-be-upon-him Radio) quickly fired Williams for suggesting that Muslim-dressed plane passengers make him nervous, no one seems to give an Islamic fig that the left-wing gal who had the great idea of Draw Mohammed Day has now had to retract her idea, change her name and go in hiding -- because of the excessively peaceful reaction from enthusiastic follows of the religion of Peace. Here's his money quote: "These days, too many genuflect where others once stood and fought."

Miller Time, or Mecca Time?

For the genuflecting London Community Centre, it's Mecca Time.
What time do you say it is?

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Anonymous said...

i would say it's long past time for tolerating evil. that evil is islam.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"