Friday, October 01, 2010

Outrage! Wrong-Headed! Tragic...

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Tom Blackwell at the National Post:
Outrage is growing over news that Health Canada has suddenly suspended plans to order new visual warnings to be printed on cigarette packages....
I love hyperbolic advocacy reporting -- who doesn't?!  Canadians are outraged, and our outrage is growing!  Well, nobody that I know is outraged. But, some Canadians somewhere, those who already know about this, they are outraged!
...  two internationally recognized experts on cigarette packaging called the decision seriously wrong-headed....
The decision to cancel the refreshed warnings, including the plans to add a toll-free, quit smoking number, is tragic. 
OK. Right there -- there's two Canadians, and they are both outraged.

Where will this lead us?  Will this wrong-headed tragedy lead to problems?  Quite possibly:
The professor also noted that the initiative could be implemented in essence with a stroke of the health minister’s pen, at no cost to tax payers.
Health Minister's may have a stroke?  Yikes! This is serious!

I am outraged, as in, I mean, raged-out!
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Charles said...

I quit smoking before I realized what damage I was doing to tobacco farmers, as well as cigarette factory workers and their families, not to mention the government finance department, and various health professionals who depend on sick people for a living.

However, the other day a friend of mine decided he was going to quit and fortunately I was able to talk him out of it. I explained to him that he had so much invested now and all that would go to waste if he didn't see it through to the end. I suggestred that maybe his attitude toward it was a little selfish and shortsighted in terms of the people and industry that he was abandoning.

It might be too late for me (my wife say I am not allowed to smoke),but anytime I can help a farmer or factory worker out during these hard times I am willing to do my part. Are You?

It is a typical White Euro-centric attitude: Lets get rid of the only N-American Indian contribution to the greater society.

So in the end you can label me outraged as well.... Outraged that the government would take it upon themselves to dictate the packaging labels on a private company's Legal product. If they really thought that smoking was all that bad then just write a law to ban all smokes.

RkBall said...

Charles. Thanks for weighing in. Glad to hear you gave up the smokes.

" If they really thought that smoking was all that bad then just write a law to ban all smokes."

You probably wouldn't want them to actually do this, and, given present addition rates, you know it wouldn't work.

Smoking is a vice. It harms the participant. My dad, a heavy smoker, died a miserable death from lung cancer, and I saw him die. So, I don't have much sympathy on this one.

Charles said...

We are both on the same page with this, but I disagree with government intervention on almost all levels.
My mom is on an oxygen tube permenently from smoking, and my dad still smokes. My little sister has had cancer 3 times now and she still smokes. These were all decisions made by them.
You are right I wouldn't want a complete ban put on by the government; I am a constitutional- libertarian.
I also don't agree with socialised healthcare for the same reason; anytime you let the government take away "rights or responsibilities" you lose liberty.
I think the difference here is I am not letting my feelings rule and thus lose more liberty.
I agree wholeheartedly with you; watching freinds and family slowly fail before your eyes is a hard pill to swallow, easpecially when you know it could have been prevented.
You said that you don't have much sympathy for this one, but as soon as you give away someone elses freedom to do something you might not agree with you also give the government a new mandate to perhaps restrict something you may agree with.
eg. I am a Christian so I disagree with Muslems preaching whatever they preach on the street. Now if I could just get the government to restrict what they are able to preach I will sleep better at night. The problem is that as soon as that is allowed someone is going to come along and say they don't like what I am preaching on the street and then Christians are silenced.
I have also read your blog long enough to know that you certainly didn't need me to give you an example it is for anyone who might need one while reading the post.
My point is that feelings on a subject may cloud good judgement toward liberty.
With all respect.

RkBall said...

Restricting one's unbridled liberty is like loosening and binding -- it requires wisdom. But it is part of the essence of humanity that we both regulate and require regulation.

I agree that free will is a precious, precious gift. That a loving God would give his creatures the freedom to rebel from him is a wonderful thing -- but what tragic consequences it brings.

I'm probably off-topic at this point.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"