Sunday, October 10, 2010

Must Read: Rex Murphy: Shun those who steal the goods and labour of good men

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We ran into Canada's Rex Murphy on Saturday, as we were heading back from a one-hour Toronto Harbour Cruise.

This may be his finest article ever.  It perfectly articulates the gap, the gulf, the chasm, between right-wing and left-wing values.

I'm nominating this for some kind of Canadian journalism award.

Thanks, Rex. You are a great Canadian.
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Anonymous said...

Maybe if Rex got the award that this story deserves, the other journalists might take heed and write real stories...

Patrick Ross said...

I would bet you that if we elected Judges and District Attorneys in Canada, no one would dare try to pull crap like this.

We would actually have justice in this country. Imagine that?

Anonymous said...

Why would the government side with a man who steals for a living? Maybe because they do the same thing for a living. They are kindred spirits.

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