Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Air Canada's Really, Really, Really Lame Contest Video

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Dear Ball Bounces,
Air Canada is your springboard to the world, and never more so than right now. Our Win the World contest is back and better than ever: there are over 3,000 instant prizes and eleven Grand Prizes up for grabs.
For people with nothing better to do than watch a young couple prance around on their computer screen for ten minutes while Air Canada a) inquires into your vitals, and b) bombards you with advertising.  The two worst bits -- spend 5 minutes on the first screens and up at the top right it says 1 of 8. One of eight??!! How long does it take to enter a stupid contest??!!  The second: at the end of it all, it says, Play Again. Play Again?? Are you kidding me?  The third worst bit -- the music in the opening intro. Hit the mute key before your brain meltsszzz.

Some advertising agency took itself way, way too seriously.

Do not, I beg you, do not click on this link.

Win the World with Air Canada.

I warned you.

OK. Am I right? Or is this contest video, I don't know, edgy, playful, etc. Let me know if I'm seriously wrong.

And that's the way the should-I-prance-about Ball bounces.

PS -- Air Canada: if I win the contest, all is forgiven; you da greatest!

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