Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quote of the Day: "Harper came out smiling like a rose"

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Concerning the Canadian leadership debate: "Harper came out smiling like a rose"-- troupsupport's comment at the CBC site 2011/04/12 at 9:40 PM ET.

That's better than Ignatieff, Layton, and Duceppe, who all came out smelling like a Cheshire cat.  
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Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice Iffy's hasty exit at the end of the post debate news conference (on CBC The National)? A reporter attempted to ask him about Layton's question regarding his voting frequency and he ran off the stage into Zzuzzanna'z arms. Imagine if Harper had done that.

RkBall said...

I missed that, but thought Layton's point was well made -- all this talk about respecting Parliament, and not bothering to show up!

Imagine, indeed.

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