Thursday, April 14, 2011

Notre Dame: Is This The State of American Catholicism?

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Concerning the recent William Lane Craig (Evangelical Christian Philosopher) and Sam Harris (New Atheist) debate on campus at Notre Dame:
Weeks in advance, the campus lit up with controversy. Neither debater was Catholic, some complained, so the religion of Notre Dame and most of its students wouldn’t have anyone to root for. Others felt that the very idea of a debate like this offends the subtlety and dignity of the questions at stake. Still others simply considered one or both of the chosen debaters an idiot.
An atheist and a Christian debate on campus, and the Catholics don't have anyone to root for? Let's hope the article's author, Nathan Schneider, was off in his reporting.

BTW, Craig mopped the floor with Harris.

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Marina said...

I don't think that NotreDame necessarily represents the state of Catholicism, in the US.After all they gave an honorary degree to Obama. many concerned and faithful alumni protested and pulled their donations. there are many orthodox Catholic colleges in the US, and while NotreDame has history and prestige, they have also succumbed to certain secular influence. I have read that there are still loyal Catholics on staff. for those interested check out the late great Father Richard John Neuhaus,aCanadian,
and the journal First Things for info on.American Catholic culture.

RkBall said...

Marina, Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I read the journal First Things -- it is excellent.

Thanks for posting on the Ball Bounces.

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