Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Breaking News: Elizabeth May Snubs Geek Who Invites Her To The Prom

Elizabeth May, Green Party leadership candidateImage by Grant Neufeld via Flickr
This breaking story has everything: a spurned lover, a pirate, a rhinoceros, a communist, a small pond, fear of contagion, and a gun registry issue.
Green Party leader Elizabeth May has been invited to a party leaders’ debate but likely won’t attend — a coalition of small or fringe political parties are hosting their own public forum this month.
“We are not one of the small, fringe parties.... We do not group ourselves in with them,” said Kieran Green, a Green Party spokesman.
The apparent snub from the Greens disappoints political rivals.
“I think that’s absurd,” said Shawn Vulliez, spokesman for the Pirate Party, which seeks to reform copyright and information laws.
“If they don’t participate they are just shooting themselves in the foot. The Green Party is not significantly ahead of the Pirate Party right now – they’ve never had a seat in Parliament.”
“Do they think we’re contagious?” asked Serge Grenier, spokesman for the Rhinoceros Party. “This is a missed opportunity for them.”
And Vicki Gunn, spokeswoman of the Christian Heritage Party, said: “Whether they have to play in a small pond or not, surely it is better than not playing in any pond.”
The “Other Parties Discussion” is tentatively scheduled for April 23 at York University in Toronto
First Elizabeth cries foul for not being invited to the prom, and then, when she's invited by the pimply geek, she suddenly has to wash and dry her hair that evening.

Oh, well. As Herself might say, "It's my Party and I'll dry if I want to".
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Anonymous said...

Just like Mel Hurtig.

RkBall said...

Good one.

Frances said...

Actually, the other debate sounds like a lot more fun.

RkBall said...

That's what I was thinking.

Anonymous said...

He should be grateful she declined the offer. The young are so idealistic... tucch! (real conservative)

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"