Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm One Of The UN's 50 Million Climate Change Refugees

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Way back in 2005, the UN predicted 50,000,000 climate change refugees by 2010.

Well, it's happening.

I'm one of them. I'm down here in Phoenix AZ right now because of climate, specifically global colding, which has been occurring in Canada since, oh, about November.  Right now, I understand there's a bit of a warming trend happening.  We'll be heading north Friday to check it out.

I'm one of the UN's 50 million persons on this planet displaced by climate, and the UN has so far given me squat. Not even a courtesy call from Al Gore. Will you, dear reader of the Ball Bounces, help?  You can do your part by sending $5 to the Ball Bounces Climate Refugee Fund, UN, NY, NY, USA.

And Al, if you're reading this, you can send me 10. Otherwise, the evil coal and oil companies that fuel our cars and keep us warm in winter will have won.

And that's the way the sunny-sun sun-loving Ball bounces.

Update: click here for 50 mil map, now expunged from UN websites.  h/t Solomon National Post

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Charles said...

I just arrived home at Madoc from Thunder Bay yesterday, and the highway was closed twice between T-Bay and The Sault. I ran on snow covered road 50% of the way wet and slushy 30% and it was snowing most of the time. Glad to be home, but a horrible trip.

RkBall said...

Glad you arrived safely.

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