Saturday, April 16, 2011

Notre Dame: Is This The State of American Catholicism? II

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Another bit on Notre Dame.
"(T)his is a loving, caring Jesus," is how the New York Times recently profiled a leading man in a play about abortion written by a Notre Dame grad.
The script dialogue includes a woman asking Christ: "Did you ever say, 'I'm Jesus, and I say that stupid girls who let guys talk them into going to the back seat of their cars have to have babies?' Did you say that ever?"
"No," Jesus replies.
"All you talk about is, be nice to each other!" the woman continues. "You never said nobody's allowed to have an abortion."
The fictional Jesus confirms her assertion.
"So can I? Can I? Can I?" she asks.
"Honestly, I -- I don't really have an issue with it," Jesus tells the girl in the play.
As opposed to the actual Jesus, who truthfully and therefore lovingly said, "except you repent, you shall all perish". Now that's dialogue I can sink my teeth into -- that goes to the depths of my being, the depths of my understanding, it shakes me to the core. The stuff above -- just juvenile froth worthy of a grade-school paper -- yet considered worthy of being profiled in the New York Times!!!

If this is the kind of grad Notre Dame is producing, Notre Dame should shut its doors, immediately. Or, as Jack Layton might put it, hashmark fail!

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

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Marina said...

another sad example of moral relativity trumping the teaching of faith and morals in our church. Sorry if I'm being a bore about this, but George Weigal has a good analysis of Bernardin and the seamless garment era in American Catholicism (First Things) and cross my heart, I don't own stock or anything in that publication.

RkBall said...

First Things is first-rate. Article referenced:

Marina said...

Thanks for that RkBall.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"