Monday, April 18, 2011

Poll Results: May vs. Duceppe -- And the Loser Is...

Gilles Duceppe, the Leader of the Bloc Québécois.                                  Image via Wikipedia
The Ball Bounces poll asked, if you had to chose, which of the two leaders would you rather see participate in a federal leadership debate, Elizabeth May, representing the Greens with federal aspirations, or Gilles Duceppe, representing the Quebec-only Bloc

70% of you, forced to choose between the two, chose Elizabeth May over Gilles Duceppe (and, based on an earlier poll, no-one wants to see Elizabeth May anywhere near a federal leaders' debate.)

Antipathy towards the Quebec-only Gilles Duceppe participating in federal leaders' debates appears strong -- at least among the readers of the Ball Bounces!

And that's the way the polling Ball bounces.
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