Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Earth Has Rights Too; After All, It's Only Human

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Rex Murphy has the latest leftist lunacy in his crosshairs. Saith Rex:
... just this week, Bolivia’s president, Eva Morales, hailed national legislation that would enshrine the “rights of Mother Nature” — human rights extended to earth itself. Pause to marvel at the powers of the Bolivian legislature. May we note that Morales is a James Cameron fan? I think we may.
Vice-President Alvaro García Linera describes the country’s new legislation (“The Law of Mother Earth”) as making “world history. Earth is the mother of all.” He also gushed that the law “establishes a new relationship between man and nature.”
The Earth has rights too; after all, it's only human. Or something to that effect.

Maybe it's, the earth has rights; after all humans are only earth.

At any rate, the movement to grant Mother Earth rights in her own, er, right, may well turn out to be the ultimate expression of environmentalism, darwinian downgradism (we're animals and nothing more, reducible to unplanned molecules in unplanned motion), and feminism (exalting Mother Earth rather leaves Father Sky in the, er, dirt, doesn't it?!).

And then Rex's money quote.
I am growing more and more confident that the number-one threat to the health, safety and future of our planet is the assortment of fanatics who are proposing to save it. They are, as in this farcical Bolivian étude, jettisoning every product of our rationalistic heritage, degrading the advances in reason and science, and regressing to the raw beliefs of those days when, as Milton, wrote “all our fathers worshipped stocks and stones.”
When the conscious creature — that would be Man — condescends to worship the inanimate one — that would be the Stone — the order of things is inverted and undone.
Another great article from Rex.

PS -- I'm pretty sure Rex has had a hair cut since this picture was snapped.

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L said...

Apparently Ms, Morales has drunk too much One Earth Water from Maurice Strong and Co.

Frances said...

Unfortunately, the next ice age is not likely to descend that far north (assuming ice ages also come from the south pole; I haven't seen much data about that).

RkBall said...

L - ha ha.

RkBall said...

Frances -- that would be Mother telling us all to "chill".

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"