Friday, April 01, 2011

Breaking News: Quebecers Don't Hate Alberta

Montreal - Vieux Montréal: Hôtel de Ville de M...Image by wallyg via Flickr
Quebecers don’t hate Alberta according to a poll released Thursday by a Montreal-based think-tank trying to deepen a relationship between the two provinces rife with “bad blood.”
Why would they? Alberta subsidies keep proud, independent Quebec afloat.

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Anonymous said...

If the Alberta money stopped watch the change in quebecers attitude .

Rob C

Anonymous said...

As an Albertan working in the construction industry I met plenty of easterners in the last 15 years and I can tell you Quebecers LOVE Alberta's

They come here to work and bad mouth the place the whole time.

Not much different than the Toronto refugees.

RkBall said...

Rob C - I think a lot if not most Quebecers are in either ignorance or denial about Alberta money. Many, if not most, think if they left Canada, they would "get to keep the GST".

I think there is something delusional about the Quebec state.

RkBall said...

Anon - At least the Quebecers are coming to... work. Seen much tax evasion in the Alberta construction industry?

First time I went to Alberta I heard a lot of bad-mouthing of Toronto by Albertans. It wouldn't have occurred to me to bad-mouth Alberta -- why would I?

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