Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Do the NDP and Quebec Have in Common?

What Do the NDP and Quebec Have in Common?

The assumption that someone else will foot the bill.


Edmund Onward James said...

That is precise and perhaps accurate.

Anonymous said...

Jack Layton is doing well in Quebec because he sold out the rest of Canada. He has been promising that federally regulated Quebec corporations (and I guess the federal government) will not have to be bilingual - that French is only Official language that will be used.

So let's look at Stats Canada:

in Quebec: English that is spoken at home is about 10%;
in Ontario: French that is spoken at home is about 2.5%;

So will Jack Layton allow the federally regulated Ontarian corporations (and the federal government) will not have to be bilingual - that English is only Offical language that will be used?

How about Saskachewan? How about Newfoundland and Labrador? How about British Columbia?

Listen to Jack Layton's press conference from this morning. And of course the media NEVER asked Jack Layton if his stance would be applicable to Canada's other provinces!

It is a pity that media is not questions that would matter to us.

Anonymous said...

It is true that the NDP is the closest ideologically to the Bloq. Both are big government, big union advocates. But something interesting is happening in Quebec. I believe the Quebec voters are strategically moving to the NDP as they see the Bloq's membership in a coalition as unpalatable to the ROC and therefore impossible. Basically, they are voting for the Coaltion of Liberals / NDP.

This is a step in Harper's stated vision of two parties, one left and one right, vying to govern Canada. Coming soon will be the Bloq collapse either this election or next.

You would think that NDP strength in Quebec would be bad for Harper. But it may be good as it should prevent the Liberals and NDP merging into one left wing party for a number of years.


Thucydides said...

This isn't too hard to understand, the NDP is a Social Democratic Party and the BQ is a National Socialist Party, so on a meta level the platforms are very similar.

All you need to do is substitute "working families" for "pure laine Quebecois" and the substitution is smooth and sweet.

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