Monday, April 18, 2011

Toronto Unions Highly Enthusiastic!! (about opposing privatization)

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The City of Toronto will release a report Monday morning recommending more privatized garbage service, the opening stages in what promises to be a pitched battle between City Hall and its unionized employees in coming months.
Mark Ferguson, head of CUPE Local 416 (which represents the city’s outside workers), disputes that math, adding that several cities throughout North American are currently returning to collection by city workers after private efforts failed to bring any savings.
“I think there will be a high level of enthusiasm from the unions to oppose this,” said Mr. Minnan-Wong. 
Privatization frees over-taxed citizens from the ever-present threat of work-stoppages and strikes by over-paid, under-working unionized workers. I've been on the receiving end of said strikes for both garbage and the TTC. Striking during a deep recession, when most people are just working hard to stay employed, is especially unseemly. Privatization provides a check-and-a-balance against unreasonable, privileged public sector union demands.

Privatization protects the weak from the powerful.

I say, "bring it on".
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