Friday, July 23, 2010

A 10-Question Quiz For Christians

Here's a quiz from Hard-Core Christianity.

1. What are the three [main] branches of modern Christendom?

2. What was the Council of Nicea?

3. Are you Calvinist, Arminian, or Molinist in your theological viewpoints?

4. Name one major heresy of Mormonism.

5. Define “substitutionary atonement.”

6. Who was Martin Luther?

7. Who wrote the book of Hebrews?

8. Give one reason why our canon of scripture is trustworthy.

9. What is the Apocrypha?

10. Can you give one OBJECTIVE reason for your faith in the Gospel of Christ without using scripture?

The story is told in our family lore of my Uncle George who when asked, "what is the Mount of Olives noted for?" answered: "Olives". His teacher was not impressed. One suspects he was guessing...


Anonymous said...

If we're talking "Hard-Core Christianity" and the "Dumbing Down of the Church", it should be noted that to be strictly accurate the first question should read "What are the three main branches of modern Christendom?"

There are smaller, but still extant, churches that broke away from the Greco-Roman church long before the Great Schism, particularly the Nestorian and Oriental Orthodox churches.

RkBall said...

Another excellent point. You should post your comment at Melissa's site as well. There are lots of shavings carved off of the three main branches. I remember, while working in St. Louis, attending a service at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, which was Eastern Orthodox rite.

Personally, I was baptized Catholic, raised nominal mainstream Protestant, converted, then, seeking a church with which to affiliate, attached myself to pentecostal/charismatics. Currently associated with conservative Anglicans. I've got it all!!!

P@J said...

so, please excuse my ignorance (you often do): to which of these groups do the Mormons belong? The Seventh Day Adventists? The Joehvah Witnesses? The Branch Davidians? The Moonies? the Doukhobours?

RkBall said...

Not sure what your question is. Mormons are a separate group from those you mentioned.

RkBall said...

Doukhobors? Where'd you pull that one out from? The forensics suggest

a) you are Canadian
b) middle-aged
c) male
d) named Pat?

Living in Saskatchewan?

P@J said...

you figured out that @ means at?

those are some mean forensics skills, Ball.

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