Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mr. Mayor, Post the Video

Acts 17 Apologetics, a Christian group, got slammed by the Dearborn Michigan authorities for speaking about Christ at an "Arab event".

They've been charged with disturbing the [Islamic] peace.

They face 90 days in jail. For speaking. In America.

The authorities confiscated their video camera. The mayor of Dearborn has been slamming them, slandering them, really, in public. They protest their innocence, and say the video footage will prove it.

He's got the video; why won't he release it?

Mr. Mayor, Post the video.

If the video exonerates them, the courts should give the mayor the 90 days he wants to give them. It's a Solomonic solution.

Their video defense, here, at Wintery Knight.

Tom Gilson of Thinking Christian was on this story from the get-go.

Detroit Free Press article here.

And that's the way the Solomonic Ball bounces.


surecure said...

If they need a defense, perhaps they can just call the mayor of New York who came out stating -- in defense of the mosque being built near Ground Zero -- that Americans should be free to pray wherever they want.

Time for somebody in the media to get a quote from Mayor Bloomberg!

RkBall said...

Good point. I was thinking of the Ground Zero Mosque project, but didn't know how to link the two.

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