Saturday, July 10, 2010

Regis And Kelly Live! On PEI *updated*

The Ball bounced over to the Regis & Kelly site on the Charlottetown waterfront to watch the stage (or gazebo as it's being called) being assembled. Watched some workmen laying sod. Shared a couple of "green side up" jokes with them. Everyone's pretty relaxed -- this is PEI.

Don't have tickets. Apparently, there's no seating, just standing room -- can this be true?!  [update: no -- we saw the folding chairs today -- hardly "regal", but they are seats.] Tickets are being scalped for, as an Islander might say, "a pretty sum".

I'll probably bounce over to the site at some point -- can walk to it from where we live.  Or, could hang out at the Delta Hotel, and perhaps catch a glimpse of somebody.  This is PEI. Everybody's pretty relaxed. Everything is "local". The Premier of the province once walked into the restaurant we were in and no one at our table even bothered to mention it.  But, for Regis, maybe...

Here's the cost break-down:

Total cost to bring two Americans to Canada for two days: $1,000,000.

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is pitching in $200,000. ACOA has a triple-mandate. The first is to spend federal tax dollars in Atlantic Canada. The second is to ensure deserving Americans get their fair share from the Canadian taxation system, and the third is to spend federal tax dollars in Atlantic Canada.  So, bringing in the Reege and the, er, Kelly is a great Opportunity.

The government of Prince Edward Island is pitching in the remaining $800,000. Of this:

a) $200,000 comes from the double-taxation of non-residents who own Island properties.

b An additional $200,000 comes from Tourism taxes that target tourists who spend money on the Island.

c) A further $399,992 comes from federal tax transfer payments to the PEI government.

c)The remainder --  eight (8) dollars --  comes directly out of Islanders' pockets.

To fulfill our financial obligation, we'll be passing around a hat and asking everyone to pitch in a Loonie. We hope to raise the full eight dollar amount this way. If this doesn't work, there will be bake sales, etc. until the entire amount ($8) is paid.  Alternatively, we might just ask for an ACOA grant.

* * *

I'm just kidding about paying for Americans to come up to Canada -- I think it's great they are coming, hope they have a great time, and hope it works out for PEI Tourism, etc.  If not, we'll be out eight dollars.

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